Tid Bits of My Family


My kiddos celebrated their birthdays this weekend! I can't believe I am the Mom of a 4 year old and a 6 year old. My oldest, Aubrey already informed me that next year she will be SEVEN-that seemed hard to swallow.

Our summer was spent with friends and family having a blast. We did lots of swimming, camping, and just relaxing. Here is a picture of our CAMP AWESOME group. Love these guys!

We just recently returned from a 5 day camping trip.  I was so impressed with Aubrey's confidence in the water (lake).  Not only did she insist on being deep without a floatation device (Kevin or I were out there obviously the entire time), but she also started standing up on Daddy's shoulders and jumping off, then swimming underwater back to him just to do it again.  Daddy was a great sport and let her do it over and over and over....

As always, we had a great time, despite the extreme heat on Saturday.  It was Papa's idea to head out to Jackson Dairy and beat the heat.  GREAT IDEA!  I forgot how HUGE their portions were.  In the above picture, Brayden is about to attack a "junior" vanilla shake and myself....a "junior" banana split!

My baby brother recently married and I'm excited to add another sister to the fam.  I grew up sandwiched between 2 brothers and always wanted a sister and now I have 4 sister-in-laws.  I just love Lindsey and she is a great aunt to my kiddos (she treats my brother good, too, but who cares?).  This wedding also allowed my little ones to be the ring bearer and flower girl...a small dream this mom has had.  I know...a bit over the top, but it's true!  After rehersal dinner, I was slightly nervous about the littlest getting down the aisle at the wedding but he did it (and even rang a bell in the process).  It was absolutely adorable.  The entire family had a great weekend!  Congrats to Jason and Lindsey!

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