Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Constitution Day, Apples, Math Workstations, and Homecoming

Yikes!  I don't even know where to begin.  I'm really loving this class and they are loving being in front of the camera.  Therefore, I have an abundance of pictures and lots to say about the last few weeks. 

Among other things, we honored Constitution Day by wearing red, white, and blue.  These cuties did a great job!

We have made some major academic achievements over the past couple of weeks, including fully launching Daily 5.  This means that everyone is doing something different depending on their choices.  Thanks to my wonderful room moms, we are also doing "backpack books" at the same time.  Whew!  Believe it or not, things are going smoothly-that's because these kids rise to the expectation! 

We also launched Math Workstations.  You could hear a pin drop in there as the kiddos explored our math manipulatives. 

Also thrown in this mix, we celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday with apple activities and making apple sauce.  They loved it. MMMMMMMMM!!!
Each one took turns coring and slicing their apple.
It's ready to cook-what a long wait!

As if that didn't seem like enough special activities, add in homecoming festivities and you get one exhausted teacher!  No, really...we had fun.  The theme was super heroes.  Students were encouraged to dress in either super hero attire or blue and gold.  Some even did both!

Go Trojans!

Baur Power and her super heroes!

Ta Da!!!  (I had to fit this picture in because she is just adorable here)  I hope you enjoyed these little bits of our week!